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Fantastic experience with this team!!! My posture and flexibility have improved significantly and I’m only half way through my treatment plan. Every single person that I have come into contact with have been super friendly/caring/ concerned/patient and treat me like I’m the only patient that they have! Highly recommend them!!!

John R.

Knowledgeable and caring staff. Their positivity and and their excellent character and encouragement keeps me looking forward to my next visit. They run a tight ship but they do genuinely care about each individual. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks!!!

Robert P.

Absolutely awesome doctors at Longview Spine! The staff really took the time to make sure I was treated well. This is the first clinic that found out the cause of my problem. They examined thoroughly and x-rayed to determine if they could help. After only 10 treatments, I haven’t felt this good in years. They have Regenerative Therapy to keep you from having surgery. They are ten years ahead of everyone else. Thanks Longview Spine & Sports Medicine!

Yelp user

I am so grateful I was recommended to Dr Kelly & the wonderful staff at Longview Spine & Sport Medicine. They took x-rays of my spine & found where my pain/discomfort have been coming from. They set me up on a treatment plan. I just started physical therapy sessions along with my chiropractic adjustments and have noticed an incredible decrease of pain and discomfort in just a week. I enjoy the convenience of the care, all in one building, but I love the hospitality of the staff the most. I recommend all my clients who need extra care to them as well.

Taryn N.

Have nothing but good things to say about the entire staff. Office girls are wonderful. Rehab personnel excellent. Dr. Curtis and Dr. Kelly lifesavers for me.

Jack S.

I have received excellent treatment from a staff of well-trained professionals. The series of X-rays taken during my initial visit were explained to me and provided useful information in establishing my treatment plan. I value the judgment of these individuals in providing my treatment.

David W.

We love this place. Both my husband and I go and have seen a huge improvement in our quality of life. All the ladies at the front are the sweetest and Caitlyn Young did a great job with our evaluations. Dr. Kelly’s adjustments are exactly what we need and he changes treatment for problem spots so that you leave feeling better. We’ll never go anywhere else!

Ashley S.

The Doctors at Longview Spine are so nice and knowledgeable. They were able to find what was causing my back pain for five years and nobody else could. I’ve done epidural, cortisone injections and it lasted only a few weeks. The treatment here is for healing and not just covering up the pain. Thanks Longview Spine!

Yelp user

Friendly people. The PT I have undergone has been helpful. I feel better than I have in years past. Dr. Kelly is awesome. These are beautiful people.

Adrian B.

All the staff is super kind and welcoming. The program has been great and it is making the quality of my everyday life a little better with each visit. Seeing Dr Kelly and the rest of the staff has been one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time.

Candice R.
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